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Wave goodbye to shitty diets and hello to a body you love

Hopeless, messy, and downright confusing.

☹️ Skipping meals
☹️ Doing endless cardio
☹️ Yo-yo dieting on and off
☹️ Trying no-fun regimens like keto, paleo, or Jenny Craig
☹️ Cutting out all the yummy stuff, like burgers, wine, and sugar

If you’re like most women, you’ve tried every weight-loss hack in the books, but you’re still feeling frumpy, sluggish, and overall bleugh.

Feel like you’ve been stuck gaining and losing the same 5 kilos over and over again?

After years of…

Losing fat, feeling fit, and finding peace with food feels like untangling a slinky that’s made of spaghetti:

Here’s what the big-name diet gurus don’t want you to know.

💬 How much should I be eating every day?
💬 Do carbs make you bloated?
💬 What exactly are macros?
💬 Will one piece of birthday cake make me fall off the wagon?
💬 Why can't I stop craving sweet stuff at night?

After years of looking in the mirror and saying “hmph,” you’re still left with the same questions you’ve always had

And the kicker?

If it feels like I’ve pulled those thoughts straight from your glorious head, listen up.

Because losing body fat and feeling damn good in your clothes is simpler than anyone lets on.

No matter what age you are, what you do for a living, or what your go-to dessert is, you can feel amazing in your body.

You can lose fat and feel hawt without sacrificing the food you love


Despite what you’ve heard, it’s not about following trendy diets, doing impossible workout plans, or starting again every Monday.

Really, it is.

Instead, it’s about balance.
It’s about consistency.
It’s about making informed choices, doing your best with what you have, and giving up on getting things “perfect” (there’s no such thing, love).

The secret to losing fat and keeping it off for life is this:

Combine the simple science of nutrition and a big dose of self-compassion* to fuel your body in a way that’s nourishing, delicious, and—most importantly—sustainable.

(*No, kale is not a requirement)

Yep. That’s the core of it.

How do I know? From experience, silly.

Shaming yourself for having pizza on datenight is keeping you stuck


And not too long ago I was a hospital shift worker in a constant cycle of Googling the latest celebrity diet.

Like you, I spent years blaming sugar for everything, avoiding the snack aisle, and cutting out all my favourite foods.

(RIP all those years I went without a potato.)

It wasn’t until I was suffering from intense IBS, bloating, and major abdominal distension that I knew there had to be a better way.

Something had to change or I was going to crash.

That’s when I discovered a much simpler, better, and more effective way to maintain my weight and feel good doing it.

Hey! I’m Sheri—

Instead of looking to pop culture and the evening news for advice on how to fuel my body…
👉 I learnt what my body actually wanted and needed.
👉 I stopped looking at food as “good” or “bad.”
👉 I discovered how to balance my plate for whatever goals I had.
And after implementing the basics (and after trying so damn hard), my body found its sweet spot

And all it takes is some basic nutrition knowledge, discovering how to listen to your body, and the willingness to build new habits so you can thrive.


See, all diet culture does is try to shove you into a gluten-free, sugar-free, fun-free box.
No pasta. No sugar. No grain. No butter.
Which means you’re constantly obsessing over what you’re not allowed to have even though you want it… 👀
And that approach is a recipe for disaster.
But when you flip the script and embrace the fact that you can eat all sorts of delicious foods and still fuel your body to lose fat and thrive…
That’s when food becomes your friend, rather than a crutch, a forbidden treat, or an enemy.
That’s when you truly become fit, happy, and healthy.

Here’s what I mean:
On my way to my wedding last year—like, literally en route to the ceremony in my wedding dress—I got a craving for a McDonald's hashbrown.
You know the one. Perfectly golden brown, still warm from the grill, tucked into a brown paper pocket.
So my sister and I pulled through the drive-thru and ordered ourselves two hashbrowns and fries to go.
Past me would have never trusted myself around a buttery potato cake. Especially not on my way to my own wedding.
But I didn’t think twice about it.
Because hashbrowns aren’t “bad.”
Yes. You heard it here first. You can hit your fat loss goals and still have a hashbrown when you get a hankering.
(How freeing is that?)
The key to finding peace with food is learning how to fuel your body based on your own goals and real science.

I believe the best relationship with food is one you don’t have to think about

Want me to show you how?

Welcome to


No BS. No restrictions. No shame.

A 8-week sustainable nutrition program to lose fat, fuel your body the right way, and feel sexy without giving up your favourite foods

Just healthy habit-building and science-backed practices so you can love food and love your body—for life 😚


I am not interested in teaching you how to be perfect or the most shredded. But I am *very* interested in teaching you how to fuel your body the right way so loving your meals and your body is your new normal

Live a brand new normal

Yes. Strive is about feeling sexy, whatever that looks like to you.

Get your sexy back

Wave goodbye to feeling obsessed or stressed when it comes to food

Make peace with food

No single meal will make or break your weight loss journey. Inside Strive, you’ll discover how to make decisions aligned with your goals

Make food decisions to reach your goals

Get off the all-or-nothing diet rollercoaster and lose fat the sustainable way so the weight doesn’t come right back the moment you eat a carb

Lose excess body fat and keep it off

No more skipping breakfast or cutting out whole food groups. It’s time to nourish your body with food you actually want to eat

Fuel your body the right way

Inside Strive you’ll discover how to…

I used to think that losing weight meant eating meals of 300 calories or less and no carbs, wine or chocolate…

Joining Strive changed my life.

I learnt the importance of eating protein at every meal. Eating nutrient dense foods in abundance, without cutting out soul food.

The support and information from Sheri is incredible. I highly recommend the Strive program, you will not regret it.

I achieved weight loss but I think the mental and physical changes were the most satisfying from adapting this lifestyle.

I can run 5kms now too! Thanks Sheri - for everything 💕”

—Jess, down 5kg

Being able to learn how your body works and how to fuel it in the best way possible but still being able to have the things you love.

30 kilos ago I would only have only hoped that I would be able to be fit enough to run around with my son and keep up with him as he grows.

I never had the tools or knowledge to be able to make an actual impact on my health and well being.

Now it's not a hope, but a reality, that I can run around and play with my son.

—Jordan, 30kg down

Looking back on where I started, I only wish I had signed up sooner

Now I understand what my body needs to fuel it and feel so much healthier.

It’s so crazy to see the changes! But it’s important to remember that this didn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of 15 months of hard work and non negotiables. Before I started my first round of Strive I felt so lost and self conscious.

There is so much stuff online and it’s so hard sometimes to know what is correct when you don’t have the knowledge.

When I came across Strive it just made sense and although I was nervous I thought I would give it a go. I got so much more out of it than just fat loss!

Now I understand what my body needs to fuel it and feel so much healthier.

—Emma, down 7 kgs

You’re set up for success with access to these Strive perks

Drip-fed Easy to Learn Content

Every week for 8 weeks you’ll get access to new nutrition content designed to help you ditch the eating habits and behaviours that are keeping you stuck in exchange for a better, more sustainable approach to fat loss

Personalised Calories and Macros

Learn how to eat to suit YOUR body and life. Discover how to easily personalise your calories and macros to meet your goals.
*If you choose to upgrade, these will be set by your coach

Over 70+ Recipes for You and Your Family

Get instant access to 2 full recipe books with my favourite go-to meals. Plus get new recipes weekly so you never run out of great meal ideas for you and the fam.

Clear Actionable Steps

Sustainable fat loss can only come through habit and behaviour change. No gimmicks, no jargon, no magic. You’ll uncover science-backed approaches that are easy to implement.

Support Community

Need quick meal ideas? Wondering how others are hitting their macro targets? Still worrying about the bagel you had for breakfast?
With a group of supportive women on the same journey as you and live calls, you’ll have people in your corner every step of the way.

Weekly Live Hot Seat Calls

Bring your questions to one of our weekly Live Hot Seat Calls and learn from fellow Strivers and your coaches.
*Personal check-ins and 1:1 coaching are available if you upgrade

Weekly Live Hot Seat Calls

Bring your questions to one of our WEEKLY Live Hot Seat Calls and learn from fellow Strivers and your coaches.

Ask questions, get real-time hot takes, and discover how to tackle topics you’re struggling with.

Strive Recipes

Over 100 delicious recipes including Calories and Macros to show you that eating well ISN'T boring and miserable. 

Over 100!

  • Set your calorie and macro guide specifically for you and your goals, then submit to your coach for checking.
  • 8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle content
  • 2 x recipe books and weekly meal ideas and grocery tips
  • Facebook group access for support and community
  • Weekly hotseat Live Q&A + lessons



You can love food and love your body
Let me show you how

Doors are OPEN💃 This will be our LAST INTKAE until January

  • Personalised calories and macros set specifically for you and your goals
  • Weekly videos and monthly live consults with Sheri
  • Private onboarding call and monthly catch ups with Sheri
  • 8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle content
  • 2 x recipe books and weekly meal ideas and grocery tips
  • Facebook group access for support and community
  • Weekly group hotseat Live Q&A

$940 au


“Hey Sheri, what will you teach me inside Strive?”

Good question! Let me break it down for you.

What you will find in Strive

Simple steps to losing fat sustainably and feeling great while you do it

The Strive techniques for being kind to yourself because long-lasting results stem from compassion

An emphasis on unlearning diet culture’s harmful “rules” and what to do instead

My foolproof approach to stop obsessing and stressing over food while you’re on a journey to get healthy

Movement is encouraged (but not required)

The truth: Creating new habits around food and losing fat isn’t easy, but it is simple and doable.

And I can’t wait to show you how to do it.

What you won’t find in Strive

A strict list of things you can and cannot eat.

What you eat is up to you. Using the tools in Strive, you’ll discover balance, ease, and a sustainable approach to losing fat and maintaing your weight without giving up everything that tastes good.

Exercise routines to get you “shredded.”

I don’t give you intense workouts. Movement and exercise are important (especially if you want to gain muscle), but Strive is nutrition-focused.

Another box to fit in.

I don’t think sugar is the devil. I don’t think everyone needs to do kettle bell swings.

Instead, I’ll teach you how to listen to your body, trust your gut, and feel reallydamngood in your own skin.

Sound like just the approach you’re after?

Join risk free for 7 days

If you suspect Strive might be the program for you but you’d love to hop inside to make sure it passes the vibe check, you’re in luck.

You’re welcome to check out Strive for 7 days risk-free, and if after one week inside the program, it doesn’t feel like *the* place to help you lose fat sustainably and fall in love with your body, simply email me at and my team will refund you in full.

I had literally given up on myself and thought that I was going to be significantly overweight and unfit forever…

I couldn't ever see myself getting to a point where I was happy with myself.

I tried, but I'd give up and felt like nothing worked.
I feel so grateful to have found this program and will be forever thankful for all the knowledge and support Sheri has provided over the last 6-7 months.
It's easy to see the change in body composition and weight change but I will never be able to describe how much of an impact you've had on my mentality and perspectives around food, nutrition, and exercise.
I literally can't put it into words - I'm a completely different person, mentally, from when I started this program.

—Anonymous, down 18kgs

Thank you so much - I truly appreciate you helping me shift not only baby weight but also my mindset.

Less than ideal conditions with never ending lockdowns but that’s life for now. I think I’ve dropped 12kg combined in both Strives - yay!!!

My journey isn’t over yet, I’ll keep grinding!

—Ellie, down 12 kg

I’ve dropped 12kg combined in both Strives!

I feel so more confident in managing my intake

I’ve been reflecting since I did my check in this morning and I want to send you a message with a bloody huge thanks for providing me with the tools to make positive changes.

I’ve been baking things for the kids lunches for the past month without binging.

I feel so more confident in managing my intake. The girls love it (as does the husband), that I’m regularly baking for them.

I love too that I’m teaching and role modelling to them that it’s ok to eat this stuff.

—Sal, 13kg down

Stop losing and gaining the same 5kg. Think you have to eat only 1,200 calories a day to lose weight? You absolutely do not. (Read that again 👏)

You’re ready to stop trying to fit yourself into everyone else’s idea of what healthy is and to find a balance that feels perfectly you-shaped.

You’re ready to learn the real science behind fat loss so you can create new, healthy habits and discover how to eat to achieve your goals—without demonising food.

On the other hands, Strive is not a good fit if…

You want a detox, quick fix fat loss program, or if you want to severely restrict calories to get hella shredded in 12 weeks.

Strive is perfect for you if…

Is Strive right for you?

Yes! Inside Strive, you’ll learn how to build meals YOU like, which means you have full control over what foods you choose to eat. If you have food preferences or allergies, you’ll still get the full experience inside of the program.

I also provide you with weekly recipes and two recipe books so no matter your food preferences you’ll have plenty of inspo when it’s time to whip something up.

I’m a vegetarian or vegan. Is Strive for me?


Ask away!

Nope! Aside from a weekly step goal, Strive does not include specific exercise or movement requirements. Instead, we focus on nutrition literacy, how to track your food, and why macros are the key to losing fat and keeping it off.

That being said, I’m a big advocate for finding exercises or movements you like to do and can feasibly fit into your week. We have folks who do everything from CrossFit to yoga to swimming. In other words, you do you when it comes to the physical stuff! As long as you hit your steps, I’m happy 💃

Does Strive include exercise and movement recommendations?

Nah! Firstly, it's not compulsory and you can opt to take an untracked approach. I recommend tracking food inside Strive even for a short time so you can get a feel for how to eat to hit your goals. We’ll teach you how to create your personalised target macros (or we’ll do it for you inside the Gold upgrade), and once hitting your macros and building meals becomes second nature (like it is for me!), the goal is to ditch tracking for a more informed approach.

Do I have to track macros forever?

That’s right. Losing fat and feeling hella good has less to do with WHAT you eat in any single meal and more to do with how you’re hitting your macro targets to get proper amount of carbs, fats, and proteins to reach our goals, across weeks and months

You can still have burgers, wine, chocolate, and other goodies.
The key here is balance. You can’t have all of what you want all of the time, but you can have some of what you want some of the time.

👆 If you stick around long enough, chances are you’ll hear me say that a few times.

Are there really NO restrictions?

After our 8 weeks together you’re ready to enter a new era for your body, your health, and your confidence.

You’ll be equipped with all the knowledge, tools, and resources to fuel your body with the right foods to hit your goals, and, most importantly, maintain your results for the rest of your life.

That sounds like a bold statement, but it’s true.
After our 8 weeks together in Strive, you’ll have everything you need to lose fat sustainably and feel sexy in your body again, not just for our time together, but well after it too.

What happens after our 8 weeks together?

Of course. Replays for all live hot seat calls will drop into your email the following day. You’ll have access to everything in the Strive Facebook group and access to tracking software to track your macros for our three months together. 

Are there replays available if I can’t make the live support calls?

Wait! I have another question.

Okay. Let's be real for a minute, shall we?

What if…

📸 You stopped hiding from the camera every time someone yelled “let’s get a picture!”

🍧 You ate pistachio ice cream on holiday and didn’t feel guilty about it

👙 You didn’t leave the dressing room hating everything you tried on

🍝 You went on a date, to a bar, out with your friends and didn’t obsess over the menu

😊 What if you were happy and confident in your body? 

Inside Strive, you’ll unlearn everything you’ve been told about losing fat and discover science-backed approaches to feel fit, fuelled, and fabulous without giving up all the things you love.

Now that’s something to raise our glasses to.

  • 8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle content
  • 2 x recipe books and weekly meal ideas and grocery tips
  • Facebook group access for support and community
  • Weekly group hotseat Live Q&A
  • Set your own calories and macros specifically for you and your goals, and submit them for checking with your coach



Join the Strive community!

  • 8 weeks of nutrition and lifestyle content
  • 2 x recipe books and weekly meal ideas and grocery tips
  • Facebook group access for support and community
  • Weekly group hotseat Live Q&A
  • Personalised calories and macros set specifically for you and your goals
  • Weekly videos and monthly live consults with Sheri
  • Private onboarding call and monthly catch ups with Sheri
  • Full messenger access to Sheri

$940 au


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